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How to Minimize Maintenance Cost and Time on Tennis Nets?

  • Nets Weakest Link: Do you know the stitching between headband and net body is a nets weakest link? In poor quality nets the stitching comes apart and the netting falls out of the headband. Thatís because of the constant pounding by the tennis ball towards the top 8-inches of the net, especially the center line of the court. So you would want to choose a net with heavy-duty lock stitching or reinforced stitching which is UV and Mildew resistant.
  • Headband Quality: Some manufacturers use poor grade materials which will become weak causing it to crack and deteriorate. The headband falls apart long before the rest of the net has reached the end of its useful life. Select the headband made up of heavy-duty vinyl or polyester duck, with double layers and lock stitching to hold the layers together.
  • We have noticed that net body gets weak in the top 5 or 6 rows thatís because most low shots that you hit will impact at the top of net, especially the serve, hit near the top and center. So we recommend a net with 3.0 mm or 3.5 mm net body with double netting at the top 5 or 6 rows which provides double protection where the net needs it most.
  • How a Good Quality Net can Enhance Your Enjoyment of the Game?

  • Polyester duck headbands are preferred on hard courts because the duck material absorbs the ball's energy and doesn't speed up the ball. Although, balls tend to skid off vinyl material, vinyl headband is common on soft courts because they're easier to clean and more dirt resistant.
  • Use good quality headbands because when you hit a ball and it impacts the top of the net, the good headbands absorbs the ball's energy and prevents it from bouncing back all around the tennis court. As a result the ball falls near the net making it easy to pick up, which means more playing time.
  • Quality Nets make your tennis court look superior and your members feel good which helps you increase club membership.
  • Easy! Mansion Selectís Steps to Consider when Buying Tennis Nets
  • Heavy-duty lock stitching or reinforced stitching which is UV and Mildew resistant.
  • Double layer headbands made of Heavy-duty vinyl or polyester.
  • Preferably 3.5 mm net body with double netting at the top 5 or 6 rows.
  • Fiberglass dowels (side-sticks) instead of wooden. Wood side-sticks can break while tying the net to the net post, and will eventually rot. Fiberglass side-sticks will stay straight and strong throughout the life of the net.
  • 2" wide vinyl side and bottom tape.
  • Vinyl-coated galvanized steel cable
  • Quality brand like Edwards has over 125 years experience manufacturing durable tennis nets.
  • Our customers tell us that their previous net lasted them 20 years with very little maintenance.
  • About Edwards: Edwards Sports has been providing quality equipment to the sports industry for over 125 years. Edwards is the net of choice at Wimbledon, US Open and Davis Cup.

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