Gripmaster - Hand Strengthening System

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Great Hands Makes Champions, Gripmaster Builds Great Hands
Patented Strengthener For Your Fingers, Hand & Wrist
Develop Stronger Grip & Wrist Power
Essential Exerciser for Tennis, Golf & More. Even Music!

Gripmaster - Hand Strengthening System
Gripmaster - Hand Strengthening System
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Gripmaster - Hand Strengthening System
Achieve control of the tennis ball and control of the game.

Reach new levels of dexterity, coordination and stamina. And strengthen your tennis grip for increased stability and power.

Each finger is operated by a completely separate system of muscles and tendons in the hand, wrist, and forearm. The patented Gripmaster enables you to isolate and develop each finger individually offering optimum conditioning of the hand.

Your hands are the direct link between your brain and your game.

Why is Gripmaster superior to other hand-exercise systems?

The old "v" grip increases crude grasping power in a few muscles in the forearm, but there are major drawbacks. It overly stresses a few muscles in the hand and forearm while ignoring many critical muscles in the forearm and all the fine control muscles in the hand itself. The "v" grip causes strain, imbalance, and loss of control.

While squeezing a rubber ball may be a great way to release nervous tension, it allows only a very limited range of motion and uncontrolled movements. Unlike balls, Gripmaster isolates and strengthens individual fingers and specifically challenges and develops the five separate operating systems of the hand.

"The sport's top players - especially western grippers - depend on strength, dexterity and endurance in the hands. Gripmaster is an effective way to build and maintain strong hands due to its unique ability to isolate each finger." - Inside Tennis

The Gripmaster consists of four spring-loaded pads (one for each finger of course) allowing each finger to move and exercise independently. The bottom of the unit fits comfortably in the palm of your hand thanks to a rubber "ergonomic palm bar" which helps you keep a good grip. This bottom section has three springs as well which adds to the overall "workout" you receive from flexing between your palm and fingers.

Developed by expert hand therapists, the Gripmaster includes a guide-booklet with sets of sport-specific illustrated exercises.

Four models are available, each in its own graduated resistance weight and color. Choose the one just right for you:
  • Yellow = X-Light (3 lbs per finger): perfect for older children or seniors just getting into tennis who wish to condition and strengthen their hands
  • Blue = Light (5 lbs per finger): recommended for the average woman's hand and men preferring more repetitions at lesser resistance rather than fewer repetitions at higher resistance
  • Red = Medium (7 lbs per finger): recommended for average and above-average man's hands
  • Black = Heavy (9 lbs per finger): recommended only for very strong hands at the professional level
Gripmaster is the hand strengthener essential for success in tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, climbing and more. Great for your video game playing kids too!

Size Chart:

Size Fits Size/Age Height: Weight:
3/4 3T/4T 37-41" 30-37 lbs
4/5 4T/5T 41-44" 38-44 lbs
5/6 5T/6T 44-47" 44-49 lbs
XS 6-7 47-49" 49-55 lbs
S 7-8 50-53" 55-66 lbs
M 8-10 54-58" 67-84 lbs
L 10-12 59-63" 85-99 lbs


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