Please take care of our Animals

Please take care of our Animals: FunForms are made from superior PVC, double- stitched on the seams that is perfect for the tennis court or soccer field, play room or swimming pool.

The bottom of each animal has a pocket that you should fill with dry clay or sand, that is fine and easily flows, or water to keep the stability of the FunForms. A 1/2 inch funnel may be helpful to fill the bottom, regardless of the material used. Water should not be used if the FunForms are being used inside. Fill the bottom compartment fully for good stability. Tightly close both the bottom valve and the valve used for inflation of the animal.

Each FunForm can be easily inflated and deflated with the pump supplied in the kit or by hand if necessary. The pump requires 4 D batteries, which are not included.

Do not over-inflate, they should just be firm. Animals may require some inflation weekly. If they require more than that, there probably is a hole or leak. If they dont inflate properly to start, complete the form on the back of the Stories booklet, return the animal within 30 days and we will send a replacement at no cost. These animals have been extensively tested and perform well, but there may be a few cases that require replacement.

When moving the FunForms, pick them up by the bottom or middle. Do not drag or lift by the ears/trunk, etc. Ask the children to treat the animals gently - please, no punching, kicking or hitting with racquets.

Repair patches for each animal are included. If you believe you have an air leak, apply soapy water to the area. If there is a leak, a large air bubble will appear. Dry the area completely and apply either the clear or colored patches. The clear patches are self-adhesive. For the colored patches, use the glue which is supplied with the patches.