Pro Racket Plates Tennis Warm-ups Aid

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New Use for Your Used Spare Racket!
Converts to a Stroke Training & Warm-up Aid In Seconds
Perfect for Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Racquetball
Uniquely Customizable to Suit Every Age, 5+ to Adult Players

Pro Racket Plates Tennis Warm-ups Aid
Pro Racket Plates Tennis Warm-ups Aid
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Pro Racket Plates Tennis Warm-ups Aid

In seconds you can convert your used spare racket to an excellent weighted warm-up and strengthening aid. The Pro Racket Plates includes 8 plates in 3 different weights & sizes to suit every age and strength, starting from 5+ to adult players.

Is an used spare racket gathering dust in your garage? Pro Racket Plates is a great new way to put it to good use.

Arm your used spare racket with Pro Racket Plates and watch your warm-up become more effective, your shoulders strengthen, and your racket speed zoom. The Pro Racket Plates is a new must-have for tennis, squash, badminton and racquetball players of all ages and abilities.

Our patent pending Pro Racket Plates includes 8 plates in 3 different weights & sizes, including two red Wind Resistor Plates. This versatile design allows Pro Racket Plates to be uniquely customizable for young kids to adult players.

All the Great Benefits of Your Used Spare Racket Fitted With Pro Racket Plates:
  • Use Pro Racket Plates for an effective warm up before practices and matches
  • Shadow swing and "groove" each of your ground-strokes, volleys and serves at least 10-20 times with the spare racket. Then swing with your playing racket and you will notice an immediate increase in racket swing speed and power.
  • Increase muscle memory, strength & racket control

  • Improve tournament results

  • Rehabilitate injured muscles

    "Pro Racket Plates is an excellent product for tennis players who are serious about taking their tennis to another level. The Racket Plates are great for warming up the strokes before practices and matches to enhance overall racket speed that gives you the added power with less effort. I recommend this product to all level of players." -Doug Carter, Co-owner, Director of Tennis, Niagara Academy of Tennis, Winner Tennis Canada Award of Excellence.

    How It Works:
  • Setup in seconds! Take a used spare racket and attach the Pro Racket Plates using the included attachment. Start with the basic wind resistor plates. These plates gives you all the benefits by creating wind drag force. Next, add 1 or more of the 8 weight plates, evenly on both sides of your spare racket. The weight plates allow you to customize your Pro Racket Plates for every age, ability and need. Want to develop more power? Add more plates. Want to build one for your junior? Just use only the wind resistor plates without weight plates. The Pro Racket Plates works for everyone!

  • Shadow swing and "groove" each of your ground-strokes, volleys and serves at least 10-20 times. You will get a great warmup. Then swing with your playing racket without the power plates and you will notice an immediate increase in racket swing speed and power.

  • Besides warming up your muscles properly, you are also grooving and strengthening your muscles and, of course, your strokes. The Pro Racket Pates are purposely designed to attach to the sweet spot of your racket because this is where you actually make contact with the ball. The repetitive grooving will help reinforce the precise muscles required to hit your shot, thereby creating muscle memory and better racket control which is vital to improving and hitting consistent ground-strokes, volleys and serves.

  • Pro Racket Plates is an excellent weighted warm-up and daily strengthening aid for players of any age in tennis, squash, badminton and racquetball.

    Meet the Inventor: Gil White is a tennis enthusiast who has had an exciting tennis life spanning 40 years leading up to the development of Pro Racket Plates. Gil recounts the birth of Pro Racket Plates, "I met a firecracker of a tennis player, Columbian National coach, Jaime Cortes. Jaime had a steel concrete saw plate on his racket for warming up and grooving his ground-strokes. I liked it so much that Jaime gave me permission to make it even better." Seeing the need to cater to players from professional to beginner, Gil expanded that one plate to 8 plastic plates of various sizes and weights. This versatility now allows players of all different levels, male or female, young or old to convert their used spare racket into a aid for daily warmup, strengthening, more powerful strokes and incredible racket speed.

    Size Chart:

    Size Fits Size/Age Height: Weight:
    3/4 3T/4T 37-41" 30-37 lbs
    4/5 4T/5T 41-44" 38-44 lbs
    5/6 5T/6T 44-47" 44-49 lbs
    XS 6-7 47-49" 49-55 lbs
    S 7-8 50-53" 55-66 lbs
    M 8-10 54-58" 67-84 lbs
    L 10-12 59-63" 85-99 lbs

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