Racquet Bracket - Tennis Wrist Trainer

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Groove In All the Right Techniques and Win, Win, Win!
Blocks Incorrect Wrist Movements
Helps Build Correct Movement Into Muscle Memory

Racquet Bracket - Tennis Wrist Trainer
Racquet Bracket - Tennis Wrist Trainer
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Racquet Bracket - Tennis Wrist Trainer

The Racket Bracket is an incredible learning and coaching tool for players of all levels for volleys, slice, one/two-handed backhand groundstrokes, and beginners who are learning the fundamentals of the forehand.

Why Racket Bracket? The patent pending tennis training aid works by stabilizing the wrist and preventing players ability from using their wrist incorrectly during volleys and groundstrokes. Because the wrist is so flexible and has a great range of motion, players will use the wrist as the foundation to their swing. However, the inherent flexibility of the wrist, which naturally makes us use it, makes it nearly impossible to build a consistent swing. The Racket Bracket is engineered to only allow enough wrist flexibility to execute a correct swing. By preventing incorrect wrist movement, players can no longer strike a ball that is not at the proper contact point; therefore they naturally have to start making adjustments with their feet and use their body to generate power. This is the core foundation that is needed by players to raise their game to the next level.

How it Works? The Racket Bracket muscle-memory tool is to be used while a ball machine or another player feeds balls to the user. While practicing with the Racket Bracket the wrist is prevented from being able to break left and right but is allowed to break from a 90 degree to 120 degree angle from the arm. These angles are the range needed to execute the correct swing. The Racket Bracket can be the most beneficial while practicing one particular stroke at a time for 10-15 minutes before moving onto the next stroke.

Frequent repeat use is highly recommended to get the best results from this one of a kind learning tool.

The Racket Bracket is an incredible learning tool for players of all levels for volleys, slice, one/two-handed backhand groundstrokes, and beginners who are learning the fundamentals of the forehand.

  • Isolates the correct swing technique
  • Blocks incorrect wrist movements
  • Builds muscle memory
  • Develops the right "feel"
  • Promotes better footwork
  • Improves your groundstrokes and volleys
  • One size fits all

    "The Racket Bracket is a fantastic training device. It allows players to translate my words and actions into the correct "feel" of the stroke. Players of all levels will benefit and so will you as a coach. In my opinion, it is a "must have" training tool". Eric Steidlmayer, UCSD Head Coach, Men's Tennis, San Diego Male Coach of the Year 2004 & ITA Western Region Coach of the Year 2003 & 2006.

    Meet the Inventors: The Racket Bracket was co-invented by Vincent Darmohusodo and Joseph Cohen. Vince is a former collegiate tennis player at UC San Diego and a USPTA certified tennis instructor in San Diego, CA. Joe is an engineer. Vince and Joe met while working together in a San Diego based bio-tech company and have played tennis with each other for many years. During those years Vince beat up on Joe fairly regularly despite Vince"s best attempts to coach Joe. Vince finally explained to Joe the fundamentals of the tennis swing and it got them thinking about a way to lock in that proper tennis swing technique. They co-designed The Racket Bracket and the rest is history.

    The Racket Bracket is endorsed by Ellis Ferreira, No. 1 in the World in 2000, Winner of 2 Grand Slam Titles.

    Size Chart:

    Size Fits Size/Age Height: Weight:
    3/4 3T/4T 37-41" 30-37 lbs
    4/5 4T/5T 41-44" 38-44 lbs
    5/6 5T/6T 44-47" 44-49 lbs
    XS 6-7 47-49" 49-55 lbs
    S 7-8 50-53" 55-66 lbs
    M 8-10 54-58" 67-84 lbs
    L 10-12 59-63" 85-99 lbs

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