Vertical Sloped Rally Master Backboards 10 Feet X 20 5 Panels - Vrmb-20 - Racquet Sports Tennis

Rally. Tennis. X. Master. Vertical. Racquet. Feet. Panels. 20. Backboards. Vrmb. 10. Racquet Sports Tennis Vertical-sloped-rally-master-backboards-10-feet-x-20-5-panels-vrmb-20-racquet-sports-ten. Sloped. Backboards Racquet Sports Tennis. Sports. 5
Vertical Sloped Rally Master Backboards 10 Feet X 20 Feet 5 Panels

Vertical Sloped Rally Master Backboards 10 Feet X 20 5 Panels - Vrmb-20 - Racquet Sports Tennis
Vertical Sloped Rally Master Backboards 10 Feet X 20 5 Panels - Vrmb-20 - Racquet Sports Tennis
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Vertical Sloped Rally Master Backboards 10 Feet x 20 Feet 5 Panels

We would like to introduce you to Rally Master Backboards, the only plastic tennis backboard on the market. Rally Master is currently looking for dealers to promote the sales of our tennis backboards. Besides guaranteeing the lowest prices on all non-wood backboards, Rally Master also offers a twenty year warranty.

Rally Master Backboards are constructed of dense, flexible, plastic panels that deliver unmatched durability and performance. The deep rich color is molded directly into the panel, not simply painted on a thin outer shell. Rally Master panels cant be punctured or cracked by misuse or vandalism. Because Rally Master Backboards are solid panels.

Flat backboards are the most widely used type of backboard. They provide an ideal way to improve your strokes and likewise provide an outstanding aerobic workout. A flat backboard encroaches only 4-6 inches inside the court fence.

Rally Master Backboards are the ultimate tennis partner and practice backboard withstanding whatever you can throw at it!

A 10Feet x 20Feet backboards afford a single user more room for error. Obviously the wider the board the more margin for error in developing one’s skills. Wider boards also provide space for aerobic drills that require side-to-side hitting patterns that develop both ball control and player footwork.
The backboard is a great place to develop:

  • Strength - the ball always comes back and provides a reason to get into position and hit the perfect shot. Repetitive strokes build endurance
  • Strokes - the backboard is a place to work on fundamentals and to groove your groundstrokes, volleys, and serves.
  • Consistency - a place where repetition counts and you can work on hitting the sweet spot over and over until it becomes a natural part of muscle memory and response. Good balance can be practiced.
  • Concentration - a structured practice session on the backboard is ideal for focusing your concentration to stay in the long point where your opponent just doesnt seem to miss.
  • Stamina - the backboard enhances your training and builds confidence in your ability to keep the ball in play longer. By hitting the ball hard, your level of intensity will develop.

Rally Master Backboards are designed to provide superior performance, superior durability,and superior versatility compared to wood or fiberglass backboards. Again, we back up our durability claim with a twenty-year warranty-double that of our fiberglass backboard competitor.

Advantages :

  • Unlike fragile fiberglass backboards, your Rally Master can be used for virtually any sport including lacrosse and soccer without being damaged.
  • Rally Master Backboards are solid panels. They cannot be punctured by improper use, improper handling or by vandals.
  • Since Rally Master Backboards are solid panels, there is no thin outer shell to delaminate from the core like a fiberglass backboard.
  • Since Rally Master Backboards are solid panels, there is no thin outer shell to delaminate from the core like a fiberglass backboard.
  • Since the backboard color is molded all the way through the solid Rally Master Panel, it cannot chip, fade or peel, like a fiberglass backboard.
  • The extremely dense panel construction of Rally Master Panels provides for quiet performance. In fact, decibel reading field tests confirm that Rally Master Backboards are considerably quieter than wood and that the level of rebound noise was indistinguishable when compared to that of the most expensive model sold by a leading fiberglass backboard company.
  • All of the above advantages make Rally Master the best all around backboard on the market.

If you compare solid-panel Rally Master Backboards to hollow-core fiberglass backboards, a customer will choose Rally Master every time.

Rally Master Backboards are :

  • More durable
  • Warranty:Include a 20 year warranty
  • Puncture proof
  • Fade proof
  • Crack proof
  • Suitable for all types of sports

When choosing a backboard, there are several factors to consider:

  • Skill level: A wider backboard provides more margin for error. Beginner players get less frustrated when practicing on a wider board.
  • Number of users: When more than one simultaneous user is anticipated, figure on 16′ of minimum width per user.
  • Type of use: A huge benefit of backboard practice, aside from stroke development and ball control is aerobic training. Drills that combine ball hitting while a player simultaneously moves from one end of the backboard to the other are best performed on wider walls.
  • Type of sport: Sports training for tennis, soccer, basketball and lacrosse, frequently involve multiple players performing simultaneous interactive backboard drills. (Player “A” directs a ball off the wall towards player “B”). If this type of use is anticipated, use the 16′ of width of backboard-per player, rule of thumb.
"Rally Master Backboards are a great value. Our camps and clinics integrate backboard drills as part of the teaching process.... Sean O'Neil, USPTA"

Product Features :
Panel Construction: Rally Master Backboard panels are solid-core, dense plastic with the rich color molded directly into the panel. Density and flexibility combine to make Rally Master the most durable backboard on the market. Our product includes an industry-leading 20-year warranty.
Reduced Sound: Our patent-pending vibration dampeners and mounting technique substantially reduce rebound noise. Decibel readings indicate that a tennis ball hitting a Rally Master Backboard is no louder than a tennis ball hitting a tennis racket, and even quieter than a basketball being dribbled on an asphalt court.
Vandal Resistance: The unique Rally Master panel design combines solid dense plastic, enhanced with unmatched flexibility and strength. No fiber-glass or hollow core backboard can stand up to constant use and abuse better than Rally Master Backboards.
Versatility: Backboard practice is also great for soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. These uses can ruin other types of backboards.
Permanent Net Line: Forget replacing net lines made of flimsy tape. Rally Master lines are permanently etched into the panels.
Mounting System: Weve made installation even simpler than before by developing a faster panel mounting system. It provides a universal fence bracket that allows the installer to quickly adjust the strut alignment to compensate for fence posts that are slightly bent or out of plumb.
Corrosion-resistant Hardware: Panels are mounted to heavy-duty, galvanized cross braces that are attached to Flat posts using galvanized hardware for unmatched durability.

Specifications & Installation :

Rally Master Backboards are the most durable tennis backboard on the market and can also be used for lacrosse, soccer, basketball and many other applications. Rally master Backboards come with an industry leading 20 year warranty.

Panel Detail:

  • Panels to be green with integrated white net line.
  • Solid, 3/4" U.V. Stabilized Plastic Panels. (150 lbs. per panel)
  • Panels are 10" high and available in any 4′ wide increment.
  • Custom colors and custom engraving available.
  • Highly flexible panel on patent-pending mounting system.

Mounting Hardware: Our Patent Pending mounting system includes all mounting hardware.

  • (4) 12 Gauge, Galvanized Mounting Brackets are mounted horizontally to fence posts.
  • Bottom Panel Support is Powder Coated Aluminum.
  • All nuts, bolts, and mounting brackets are stainless steel.
  • Polyethylene Dampeners help to reduce sound and vibration.
  • 8 degree back-sloped models utilize aluminum columns.

Mounting Requirements:Rally Master Backboards are generally installed on tennis courts utilizing round pipe. However, they can be adapted to be mounted as free standing units or mounted on block walls.

  • Minimum Fence Post Requirements: 2 ½" OD Pipe, SS40
  • Maximum Post Spacing: 10' O.C.

  • Ship Method:Freight

    Flat Backboard VS Back-sloped Backboard

    Flat Backboard

    Developed with some of golf's leading teaching professionals, the All-In-One Swing Trainer is one of the game's most advanced and complete training tools. Designed to reinforce the "inside-square-inside" swing path that eliminates slices, the All-In-One builds the mechanics and muscle memory needed for better ball strikingFlat backboards are the most widely used type of backboard. They provide an ideal way to improve your strokes and likewise provide an outstanding aerobic workout. A flat backboard encroaches only 4-6 inches inside the court fence. Rally Master also manufactures back-sloped backboards..

    8 Degree Back-sloped Backboard:

    An 8-degree back-sloped backboard provides a slightly lofted ball return that will land further away from the board compared to the flatter, shorter rebound off a flat wall. Some players and coaches prefer the lofted return because it allows more time to prepare for the shot and places the player further from the practice wall. It should be noted that other manufacturers sell backboards with 15 degrees of back-slope. Rally Master believes 15 degrees of back-slope creates an unrealistic, extremely “high-lofted” ball return that is unsuitable for all but beginner players. This high-loft is especially counter-productive when a player performs volley drills close to the board. Rally Master’s 8 Degree back-sloped, backboard provides the best all around performance in all types of drills regardless of skill level. An added benefit is the fact that our 8 degree backboard only encroaches approximately 21″ inside the fence compared to the approximate 30″ of a 15 degree back sloped board.

  • Shipping Weight: 1100 lbs
  • Number of Uprights Provided :3
  • Installation Guide

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